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Wiggly Wednesday

I thought I’d make Wednesday’s a bit more relaxed.

Life is full of surprises, with many of those surprises we are lucky enough to learn how to improve ourselves. I love to be able to bring what I learn to the attention of others so that they too may benefit from what I’ve learned. But, like everything in life, we can’t spend every moment doing the same thing, and I wouldn’t want to subject you, my readers to that every few days. =] So here’s to you! Enjoy a fun project or two, give yourself some time to wiggle with your children, family, friends. Be silly, it’s good for the soul. Do a fun project you’ve been putting off. No more waiting for life my friends!

Reclaimed Wood Bench eclectic entry
Everyone at some point or another has scrap, others throw it out faster than others, or donate it or dispose of it in some fashion. But plenty of folks in the world also love to let it accumulate. Through my Houzz updates that I recieve I was just notified of this amazing little project that Erin Lang Norris undertook. She made this delightful bench to solve two problems she’d been having. I’d highly suggest checking out their latest post if home projects are something you enjoy.
The photo is linked and clicking it will take you directly to her post. Have fun!
Our second project for this post is one that I think is outstanding, and one I completely plan on doing. Most people enjoy organization, even if they don’t necessarily enjoy creating it. Its nice to know exactly where everything is, and for that matter to actually know what you have. If you’re someone who enjoys to cook, or just have a lot of spices in general. I’d have to highly recommend that you visit the below linked picture and check out just how the author Jen went about making this. Its worth the read without question.
Magnetic Cabinets!
 It may look complicated, it may seem daunting. But just take a look, this is complicated made simple at its best. A seemingly difficult task has never been so easy.
Be kind, do something nice for a stranger Anyone today.
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