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Wiggly Wednesday

This post is a little out of the ordinary for me, but I feel it’s important to note. It’s rare when we come across people in this world that can be freely be nice people even when met with circumstances that would harden the best of us.

In recent times, my fiancee has taken to calling me the Lorax. It was rather odd to me since I actually didn’t know who or what the Lorax was until very recently. Cadence being the love she is, showed me the old cartoon of the Lorax and then later we went to see it in theaters, which let me learn who the Lorax was. (By the way, the movie was amazing. I suggest you see it.) 

So, after the cartoon and the movie and just general discussion, I was able to learn all about the Lorax. Awesome little fellow, speaks for the trees, suggests we only use what we need, gifts us with simple life rules to which we should all adhere.

Typically, I’m all for saying “Wiggle it up,” especially on the Wiggly Wednesdays. But someone apparently got in their head to steal the Lorax statue from the home of the Seuss’s(Geisel’s).

The Lorax

Which is super NOT OKAY.

The surviving widow of Theodore Geisel is such a nice lady that she doesn’t even want to press charges. She just wants to get the statue of the Lorax back to their home.

Anyway, I chose to identify this lady because she’s showing everything that we all need to have. Grace and forgiveness. It’s okay to have some wiggle room in your life, things will happen that we wish didn’t. We are defined by our actions when faced with hard times. Audrey Geisel, thanks for showing us the classy way to deal with something terrible.

This person is hoping The Lorax is returned to his rightful home real soon.

Be kind, do something nice for a stranger today.

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