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Bring Happiness

Being human is a funny thing. But, its not funny in the “Ha-ha” fashion.


It’s the kind of funny where you reach an impasse in life and the only thing you can fathom to do is laugh.


Life is not complicated friends, readers, and listeners. We can make it complicated when we overthink our lives, or the lives of others as we so often do. I want to do you a favor right now. I’m going to tell you the secrets of being happy, even though they’re all in plain sight I understand many people may never have thought to look so close.


Be honest. Be kind, even when it is disadvantageous to do so. Do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but instead be kinder still than you would have them be. The secret of life is give freely and take little.

Humans have survived for centuries on far less than anything we have today. You don’t need a full pantry to eat, you don’t need seven pairs of shoes, you don’t even need two pairs. You don’t need pre-ripped jeans. We don’t need all of the “things” that we fill our lives with. The only thing in life that is worth any value is the change for good that we make in the lives of those around us.

That also means that I personally, don’t think donating to African starving children is necessarily a “good” thing. To make a difference you have to put in the energy, you need to put in the time yourself. Paying someone else to do it will not bring about change. 

Give someone else a slightly better day. Be a nice person, you’ll be happier for it.


If you find yourself tired, if the sun has struck away your tears and the dirt has dried the blood from your hands, if the leaders of tomorrow smile in their warm beds for your labors, you will find yourself wanting for nothing.

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Wiggly Wednesday

I thought I’d make Wednesday’s a bit more relaxed.

Life is full of surprises, with many of those surprises we are lucky enough to learn how to improve ourselves. I love to be able to bring what I learn to the attention of others so that they too may benefit from what I’ve learned. But, like everything in life, we can’t spend every moment doing the same thing, and I wouldn’t want to subject you, my readers to that every few days. =] So here’s to you! Enjoy a fun project or two, give yourself some time to wiggle with your children, family, friends. Be silly, it’s good for the soul. Do a fun project you’ve been putting off. No more waiting for life my friends!

Reclaimed Wood Bench eclectic entry
Everyone at some point or another has scrap, others throw it out faster than others, or donate it or dispose of it in some fashion. But plenty of folks in the world also love to let it accumulate. Through my Houzz updates that I recieve I was just notified of this amazing little project that Erin Lang Norris undertook. She made this delightful bench to solve two problems she’d been having. I’d highly suggest checking out their latest post if home projects are something you enjoy.
The photo is linked and clicking it will take you directly to her post. Have fun!
Our second project for this post is one that I think is outstanding, and one I completely plan on doing. Most people enjoy organization, even if they don’t necessarily enjoy creating it. Its nice to know exactly where everything is, and for that matter to actually know what you have. If you’re someone who enjoys to cook, or just have a lot of spices in general. I’d have to highly recommend that you visit the below linked picture and check out just how the author Jen went about making this. Its worth the read without question.
Magnetic Cabinets!
 It may look complicated, it may seem daunting. But just take a look, this is complicated made simple at its best. A seemingly difficult task has never been so easy.
Be kind, do something nice for a stranger Anyone today.
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Don’t be stuck

Don’t Be Stuck

This is so much harder to do than it sounds. So let me be perfectly clear with what I mean by don’t be stuck. The title of this post is Don’t Be Stuck, meaning that you cannot allow yourself to accept that your life is mediocre.

  1. Do you want to see your children more?
  2. Do you want more free time?
  3. Do you want to finish your degree/get one?
  4. Do you want to get an animal that needs your time and attention?
  5. Are you happy with where you are?
  6. Are you always wanting something but feel you’ll never get it?

These are some of the problems I’m talking about. We live in a society that has opportunity everywhere, you are limited only by what you  limit yourself to. I know this all too well, I’ve spent the last 5 or so years just struggling to get/keep a day to day job that I know I won’t keep for more than a few months, maybe a year or two.  I continued to do this because I felt that there were no other options out there. I pressed myself to the floor mentally getting impossibly stressed with my financial situation. I was qualified, I was willing, why couldn’t I make enough? How was I going to pay the next set of bills that more than doubled my paycheck? There was no way that I was going to survive on the jobs I was getting.

I knew that something needed to change, I knew that I needed to get into a better place. But I couldn’t see past the retail jobs, the factory jobs, or the miscellaneous jobs that are typically advertised.  I was stuck, I was stuck in a tar pit so deep that I didn’t even know how or when it happened. For the longest time, I didn’t even know that I was. Which is I’m sure, the same place that most people are in these days. Its difficult to be able to tell yourself that you’re worth more than the bare bone minimum, its hard to say that your services are more valuable than the other person’s. Not for everyone, but for plenty it is. Myself included.

Alright, you’ve talked enough about not being stuck and you being stuck. What do I do?

So, how do you stop being stuck? Tacky as it sounds, you need to choose to stop being stop. You’ve read this far, and if you’re serious about wanting to be in a better place you’ve taken a moment and thought about some things that make you feel like you’re not in a place you want to be. You want to be better, you want to stop being so stressed and you’d like to just overall be in a better place.

I have news for you: You can do it. If you want to.

Strange to say, isn’t it? If you want to. Of course I want to, why wouldn’t I? Typically we’d assume that everyone wants to be better, and we do I believe. But there is a deep part of us that finds it difficult to move forward once we’ve gotten stuck. Much like a vehicle’s tire getting stuck in the mud. Its really easy to get there, but very difficult to get out once you’re in there comfortably.

Oh, this is where you actually suggest something. Thanks.

So like I said, you must first choose to stop being stuck. Simple, and one of the most difficult things to do. As are all things that involve having to simply choose to change something. Changing habits are not easy, but it is possible. I’ve read various suggestions for how to assist in this process by logging in a journal or otherwise some of the habits that you believe are bad and making a conscious effort to cease. I agree with this, and suggest something of my own to that as well. Whether you opt to take note of your bad habits literally, you’ve at least given some thought and likely retained the bad habits that you’d like to be rid of the most. But coming from someone who has an extremely addictive personality you can’t JUST  get rid of a bad habit, especially the ones that are deeply rooted in your day to day motions.

To change something about yourself that you do frequently or unintentionally you have to be able to replace those bad habits with good habits. To simply rid yourself of bad habits and not think about what you’d like to do instead is only going to cause problems. You’ll have this large void in your life, and I’d like to believe that I can help you a bit here. Don’t let that void transform into a new set of bad habits, using a deadly sin to make my point, don’t be sloth. Sloth may not be as bad as your other bad habits, at least, it wouldn’t be right away. But once you’ve settled into doing as little as is live-ably possible, that is an even harder bad habit to break than many others.

Alright, I’ve evaluated my negative goings on, I’ve chosen to move forward and make a conscious effort to either stop or severely lessen them immediately. Now I have nothing to do, my life feels empty without my negative comforts if they can so be called.

That right there above in bold is what I reference. Its an easy problem to put yourself into, so easy in fact you’ll probably do it before you realize it. So take my advice here: Have some sort of idea of what you’d like to do next!

Here are some suggestions, they’re not specific to your situation though, so obviously some of these may be entirely wrong for YOU. Feel free to drop me an email/comment if you’d like some other ideas. I’d love to be of  assistance if I can!

  • Play a game, not a big deal one. But maybe with some friends. Something to get you moving! Release those endorphins!
  1. Golf
  2. Basketball
  3. Tennis
  4. Soccer
  5. Baseball
  6. Pool
  7. Nature jogs
  • Take photos (Your life/Nature/Animals/Anything you like to see)
  • Listen to some NEW (To you.) music.
  • Relax outside, don’t be in such a rush all the time. Life is full of beautiful little things nobody sees and yet surround us always.
  • Know yourself, take some time to be introspective
  • Go after that career goal you never thought you’d be able to get
  • Write that book/story/post/letter you’ve been meaning to
  • Play those silly games with your children/pets
  • Build a birdhouse
  • Take a class about something you’d like to learn. (Cooking/Mechanics/Glass Molding/Photography/Etc)

This list could go on forever, and for you perhaps it shall! You are only limited by what you yourself limit. Some things in life will be more easily obtained than others, all are equally worth your effort if that is what you want to do.

Be kind, and be nice to a stranger today.

Game Testing

Game Testing

If you’re looking at this post, you’re probably trying to find some really easy way to get into Game Testing. But, you also know that it doesn’t work that way. The truth of the matter is, its a ridiculously over saturated market. I’ve gone to a great deal of websites claiming to guarantee you jobs, they all promise upwards of 70,000 or at least very close to that. Further, many of those sites will also tell you that the jobs are “SO EASY.” You’ll be making money to play games in no time! Etc etc. If you believe those sites, then you shouldn’t be a game tester.

When you stop to think about it, and when you start doing some real research, its easy to find that getting into game studios that need game testers, is very difficult! But, better than that. Almost everyone that is looking for a game tester isn’t actually looking for a long term game tester. Typically, places are searching for someone with game backgrounds, computer degrees, gaming degrees, and all sorts of other technical knowledge showing you know your trade. It is a profession, but the Game Tester (Typically known as Quality Assurance) is the entry level position as well. So, if you’re just hoping to get a quick easy job as a Game Tester, you will not find that. If you just want to get new games early, try and sign up for a Beta. You’ll earn the same amount of money doing that as you would hoping to get a job as a Game Tester and only hope for the future is to be a Game Tester. That amount of money by the way, is nothing.

This post is not to discourage you.

To be a game tester, you have to be willing to:

  • Work, work, and more work. Quality Assurance Testers can work anywhere from 10 hours-70 hours a week.
  • Be prepared for minimal notice regarding your work week
  • Be prepared to learn everything you can to be more productive
  • Your job is to break the game, and write it great detail how you broke the game
  • Learn about what is broken to better communicate with designers
  • Be prepared to pursue a Game designer career if you are looking for a career
  • Learn everything about any company that responds to your requests for interview
  • Go the distance. This means, apply anywhere you CAN go.
  • Learn about the type of games the places you apply to release, can you test those games well?

There are many things to learn about going after Quality Assurance Tester positions, and I’m sure I’ll come back to the matter later in more detail. Its not an easy job to get, you have a lot of competition and most importantly, it is definitely one of those jobs that you need to have already had to get a new one. You must talk yourself up to get these jobs, don’t lie. But be honest, are you weirdly OCD and notice every tiny  detail? Put it on your QA Tester resume.

Be kind, be nice to a stranger today.

If only people could be Censored.

Yeah, censorship is all the hullaballoo right now. And as I understand it, it well should be until that bill has failed to pass. I’d rather not post an article about that though, there are far more people with far more knowledge than I who will I’m sure.


I’d like to make a post today instead, about how a few bad apples in a crowd can make the whole thing rotten. Only a micrometer of a tomato needs to be rotten for the whole thing to be bad, only one police officer needs to shoot one person for all police officers to be considered bad. Likewise, a firefighting station needs only one idiot to screw up for the whole town to loose faith in them. 28,000 citizens to 11 firefighters. They have faith until someone screws it up.

The same standard can be said for being social, you can have upwards for say, 200 “Friends” on the Facebook and such related things where to internet communicate with a large number of people you presumably know. It only takes one or a few people to force you to censor yourself. Why can’t you just censor the eyes of that ONE person? That one person that is making it so that you can’t post about damn well anything you are doing because they feel it is within their right to make yours theirs. Whats more, whatever is yours, you have to keep creating so that they can keep stealing.


What really bothers me about the folks like that though, is the overbloodyabundance that they exist in. I started school again today and I heard about idiots like this all day today as the one idiot who screws everything up for everyone. The amount of comparisons that would work for this is just ridiculous. I cannot believe that this sort of behavior is tolerated. An acceptable argument against my saying that this is acceptable by standard society would be that they make new rules to prevent further moronic behavior. But for as stupid as morons are, they are certainly smart enough to find new ways to mess everyone’s day up. I find that interesting, considering that people are typically given leniency on this sort of issue due to their being ignorant and “not knowing any better.” Thats hogwash and you, they, and the people judging them damn well know it. Why is it that people consistently turn a blind eye to other people just being “Bad”? It’s outrageous to me.


Its one of those few times that if I were in a position of absolute power I would make it a required duty of all human beings to either report or people these disgusting excuses of people in check.


“Human decency” is just a pretty phrase I believe our society keeps around for giggles every so often. I find myself being a good, honest, decent person on a daily basis. And yet, the profession I am pursuing finds my sort of character to be a rare being. Why is this? My sort of character is the same sort of person we tell our children to be. I’m not terribly complicated, I don’t do anything outrageously amazing. I’m just a consistently nice person and I do unto others as I would have others do to me. What about doing that is so bloody foreign to the rest of the nation if not the majority of the world? Why is it SO HARD to just be nice and respectful of our peers, our fellow professionals, our fellow human beings, and for that matter our fellow inhabitants of our home Earth?


This has been an update from Russell McCarrel on a new day of enlightenment. I hope whomever my readers are will join me again on the next update within the following week.

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