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Bring Happiness

Being human is a funny thing. But, its not funny in the “Ha-ha” fashion.


It’s the kind of funny where you reach an impasse in life and the only thing you can fathom to do is laugh.


Life is not complicated friends, readers, and listeners. We can make it complicated when we overthink our lives, or the lives of others as we so often do. I want to do you a favor right now. I’m going to tell you the secrets of being happy, even though they’re all in plain sight I understand many people may never have thought to look so close.


Be honest. Be kind, even when it is disadvantageous to do so. Do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but instead be kinder still than you would have them be. The secret of life is give freely and take little.

Humans have survived for centuries on far less than anything we have today. You don’t need a full pantry to eat, you don’t need seven pairs of shoes, you don’t even need two pairs. You don’t need pre-ripped jeans. We don’t need all of the “things” that we fill our lives with. The only thing in life that is worth any value is the change for good that we make in the lives of those around us.

That also means that I personally, don’t think donating to African starving children is necessarily a “good” thing. To make a difference you have to put in the energy, you need to put in the time yourself. Paying someone else to do it will not bring about change. 

Give someone else a slightly better day. Be a nice person, you’ll be happier for it.


If you find yourself tired, if the sun has struck away your tears and the dirt has dried the blood from your hands, if the leaders of tomorrow smile in their warm beds for your labors, you will find yourself wanting for nothing.

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