The Two General Actions

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I’d like to use today’s post to help you to identify which of two very general types of actions you prefer to take. It is my belief that one of these two types can lead you to have a much happier, less restricted life. But I’d love to hear your personal thoughts and stories, so please feel free to share at the end of this post!

For those of us in the world who constantly react instead of  plan, life can be fairly difficult. It may be difficult to find the energy to put your feet on the floor for the first time each day, and the idea of taking that shower, going outside, or just doing much of anything can seem like a terrible chore. For those of us in the world who wait and plan, “life is good”.

To react, or to wait and plan.

The Two General Actions:

React: For those of you who fall into this category, it’s likely you see yourself as the only person who is doing anything. You may actually grow agitated with others feeling that you are the leader and that the others (anyone else, one or more) do not contribute enough in the decision making, or the overall progress of generally anything you do. You may feel that in an emergency you are the only hope and that without you everyone will simply fail due to inaction. In many cases, this may be true. To a degree. People who react tend to become small leaders (mind the distinction) that have a group that relies on them heavily, and the reactor will in fact, be needed due to the inaction of others. Those who react do not have a choice in the actions they take. Their life is not their own and is guided by the events that take place around them.

Wait: Those who wait may be seen in a number of lights. However, today we’ll only mention two of those known lights. If you fall into this group you are most likely either seen as someone who is a natural leader and you are well respected for you ability to guide people and more often than not you’re able to avoid the mistakes of reacting to an event pre-maturely. The opposite is just as likely may be true for you as well. If you choose to wait you may be seen as someone who does not contribute. The second situation will almost always happen when in the presence of someone who does not wait and simply reacts to every individual event, and will likely never cease until the reactions of that person lead their group into a bad situation, paving the new leadership role for those that wait.

If you constantly keep yourself in the mindset that you must always react to everything going on around you, you will find yourself in a very restricted place. The sort of people that only react and do not wait are denying themselves basic freedoms of choosing to not work for a day and enjoy the day with their children/family/alone time. It happens, and it’s by no means a crime. The bad part about this is when you’re unable to identify that you’ve trapped yourself because you feel that you cannot do anything because you are constantly dealing with all of the events that surround you. As a well-rounded, responsible person, you must be  able to react at all times. This doesn’t mean that you must react to everything without thinking, it only means that if you need to, you can. 

So… Do you wait, or do you react?

Knowing which one of those two actions you most commonly take will help identify how large of a hole you may be in, if you’re in one at all. It’s much easier to be free and enjoy your life if you have the freedom to choose rather than being a slave to impulses. It is for this reason that I  prefer to wait and think before acting. Both lifestyles will allow you to live  functional and even successful lives. In my personal opinion, though, those who wait will more often than not live a greater quality of life.

We’ll discuss these two actions in more depth on Monday. I put out new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so check back throughout the week or subscribe to updates by entering your email at the bottom of the blog.
Be kind, do something nice for a stranger today.

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