Wiggly Wednesday

It’s time to get your Wiggle on

As with the previous Wiggly Wednesdays, the inspiration for my posts comes not entirely from me, but from others in the world with great ideas, great philosophies, and just a general good outlook on life.

That outlook can come from using the scraps in your house to make a fantastic bench, it can be a blunt philosophy that helps push you to realize that everything and all the time in your life is important. No matter the inspiration source, the end result within yourself will always be the same. Being creative, and striving to be better will always leave you feeling good.

Mondays and Saturdays, save for this previous Monday where I had an emergency and wasn’t able to deliver a post, I’ll always try to deliver a post that has some form of self help assistance. I’d like to help you and, as I said with of my previous posts, on Wiggly Wednesdays I’m going to try and deliver some potentially fun things as well as interesting places to see for your wiggly times that I hope you’re all having.

Today I came across a brilliant website, and the below image will be linking to it.

Jordan Hoeft Art

The expression of art is something that will always hold a dear place in my heart, and perhaps yours as well. I’ve never been much good at it myself, but that hasn’t stopped me from doodling! But, that’s not the point of why I’m showing you the above comic art, this Jordon Hoeft fellow draws all sorts of things, takes photos, and makes films. He embodies art in some of its purest forms, and more importantly, highlights a common belief he and I have on his website.

I’m an avid believer in imperfection, I believe that nothing is perfect. Think about it, almost everything in nature and man-made is rarely perfect, but that’s what makes life beautiful. Nothing is perfect. And that’s where I find art. In the imperfect.

 Thanks for the quote, Jordon.

Nothing in life will ever be perfect. Life is as amazing as your tolerance for imperfection. Don’t let your life pass you by because you’re too busy to allow some wiggle room. If you have a passion, if you’ve got the fire for creation, go out and do it. You don’t have to make it your life to enjoy your artistic side as some do, but enjoying the parts of you that love to create will always have a happy outcome if you relax and just enjoy yourself.

You create your own sense of perfection, and with that you create where your level of contentment will be. Always move forward, and always hold on to what really matters in your life. There is the opportunity to be happy at all times during your life.

I hope you all have a fantastic day, enjoy the life you have, make every day a day worth remembering.

Be kind, and do something nice for a stranger today.

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One thought on “Wiggly Wednesday

  1. alirthome says:

    Your thoughts are wonderful and i can really relate. I draw caricatures and find people’s “imperfections” quite beautiful even if they can’t. Awesome thoughts 🙂

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