Game Testing

Game Testing

If you’re looking at this post, you’re probably trying to find some really easy way to get into Game Testing. But, you also know that it doesn’t work that way. The truth of the matter is, its a ridiculously over saturated market. I’ve gone to a great deal of websites claiming to guarantee you jobs, they all promise upwards of 70,000 or at least very close to that. Further, many of those sites will also tell you that the jobs are “SO EASY.” You’ll be making money to play games in no time! Etc etc. If you believe those sites, then you shouldn’t be a game tester.

When you stop to think about it, and when you start doing some real research, its easy to find that getting into game studios that need game testers, is very difficult! But, better than that. Almost everyone that is looking for a game tester isn’t actually looking for a long term game tester. Typically, places are searching for someone with game backgrounds, computer degrees, gaming degrees, and all sorts of other technical knowledge showing you know your trade. It is a profession, but the Game Tester (Typically known as Quality Assurance) is the entry level position as well. So, if you’re just hoping to get a quick easy job as a Game Tester, you will not find that. If you just want to get new games early, try and sign up for a Beta. You’ll earn the same amount of money doing that as you would hoping to get a job as a Game Tester and only hope for the future is to be a Game Tester. That amount of money by the way, is nothing.

This post is not to discourage you.

To be a game tester, you have to be willing to:

  • Work, work, and more work. Quality Assurance Testers can work anywhere from 10 hours-70 hours a week.
  • Be prepared for minimal notice regarding your work week
  • Be prepared to learn everything you can to be more productive
  • Your job is to break the game, and write it great detail how you broke the game
  • Learn about what is broken to better communicate with designers
  • Be prepared to pursue a Game designer career if you are looking for a career
  • Learn everything about any company that responds to your requests for interview
  • Go the distance. This means, apply anywhere you CAN go.
  • Learn about the type of games the places you apply to release, can you test those games well?

There are many things to learn about going after Quality Assurance Tester positions, and I’m sure I’ll come back to the matter later in more detail. Its not an easy job to get, you have a lot of competition and most importantly, it is definitely one of those jobs that you need to have already had to get a new one. You must talk yourself up to get these jobs, don’t lie. But be honest, are you weirdly OCD and notice every tiny  detail? Put it on your QA Tester resume.

Be kind, be nice to a stranger today.

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