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If only people could be Censored.

Yeah, censorship is all the hullaballoo right now. And as I understand it, it well should be until that bill has failed to pass. I’d rather not post an article about that though, there are far more people with far more knowledge than I who will I’m sure.


I’d like to make a post today instead, about how a few bad apples in a crowd can make the whole thing rotten. Only a micrometer of a tomato needs to be rotten for the whole thing to be bad, only one police officer needs to shoot one person for all police officers to be considered bad. Likewise, a firefighting station needs only one idiot to screw up for the whole town to loose faith in them. 28,000 citizens to 11 firefighters. They have faith until someone screws it up.

The same standard can be said for being social, you can have upwards for say, 200 “Friends” on the Facebook and such related things where to internet communicate with a large number of people you presumably know. It only takes one or a few people to force you to censor yourself. Why can’t you just censor the eyes of that ONE person? That one person that is making it so that you can’t post about damn well anything you are doing because they feel it is within their right to make yours theirs. Whats more, whatever is yours, you have to keep creating so that they can keep stealing.


What really bothers me about the folks like that though, is the overbloodyabundance that they exist in. I started school again today and I heard about idiots like this all day today as the one idiot who screws everything up for everyone. The amount of comparisons that would work for this is just ridiculous. I cannot believe that this sort of behavior is tolerated. An acceptable argument against my saying that this is acceptable by standard society would be that they make new rules to prevent further moronic behavior. But for as stupid as morons are, they are certainly smart enough to find new ways to mess everyone’s day up. I find that interesting, considering that people are typically given leniency on this sort of issue due to their being ignorant and “not knowing any better.” Thats hogwash and you, they, and the people judging them damn well know it. Why is it that people consistently turn a blind eye to other people just being “Bad”? It’s outrageous to me.


Its one of those few times that if I were in a position of absolute power I would make it a required duty of all human beings to either report or people these disgusting excuses of people in check.


“Human decency” is just a pretty phrase I believe our society keeps around for giggles every so often. I find myself being a good, honest, decent person on a daily basis. And yet, the profession I am pursuing finds my sort of character to be a rare being. Why is this? My sort of character is the same sort of person we tell our children to be. I’m not terribly complicated, I don’t do anything outrageously amazing. I’m just a consistently nice person and I do unto others as I would have others do to me. What about doing that is so bloody foreign to the rest of the nation if not the majority of the world? Why is it SO HARD to just be nice and respectful of our peers, our fellow professionals, our fellow human beings, and for that matter our fellow inhabitants of our home Earth?


This has been an update from Russell McCarrel on a new day of enlightenment. I hope whomever my readers are will join me again on the next update within the following week.

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